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Zimmy Sunday


It’s Sunday! Which means a quick update on what happened this weekend and, because I firmly believe that everyone needs more pictures of dogs in their lives,  a weekly picture of my dog Zim (yes, Zim as in Invader Zim. I am indeed that cool). How can you not be just a little bit happier after seeing that adorable face?

In real news, this has been a fairly productive weekend in terms of reading and writing. Last week I was nearing the end of A Clash of Kings, so I impulsively decided that I was going to try and finish all of the A Song of Ice and Fire books, which is the Game of Thrones series, in case you didn’t know, in the next 3 weeks (don’t ever say I’m not an ambitious reader). So yesterday I picked up books 3 and 4 (not the new one though. $35 for a non-textbook novel?!?! I’m unemployed! I’ll be heading to the library for that one, thank you very much) and got cracking on A Storm of Swords. Only 42 pages into it, but I still have 3 weeks so fingers crossed I make it! Keep your eyes peeled for my review for the series and how it stands up against the HBO adaptation.

I also bought not one, not two, but three new notebooks for writing in. I picked up one for my psychopaths novel, one for miscellaneous projects and flash fiction pieces that I’ll do when I can’t stand being in the heads of psychopaths anymore, and one for jotting down ideas.


I have been suffering from a severe bout of writers block recently when it comes to my creative fiction (a topic that I will be covering in depth in the weeks to come), and this is my latest attempt to break out of it. My reasoning behind this admittedly luddite move back to writing out fiction by longhand is that I find that it’s far less emotionally traumatic to delete things on Word than it is to cross out handwritten words, which means that I spend significantly time thinking about what I’m going to say when I write it out instead of typing it. I have no idea if this’ll work, but everything else I’ve tried in the last few months has crashed and burned, so I figure why not try something new? And by new I mean old-school? (If I start turning to typewriters, you can ship me down to Silver Lake to join my fellow hipsters)

No news on the job hunt, as all my time has been spent picking up those things and spending time with family, but that’ll be Monday’s task. For now, it’s back to tinkering with my new notebooks and trying to remember how to write longhand without smearing ink all over everything in sight. Wish me luck!


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