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Friday Funday: Kooky Writer Habits!


You made it, dear readers! It’s Friday, which means just a few more hours until 5pm rolls around and the weekend officially starts! Isn’t that just swell?

To celebrate this week’s Friday, I’m going to share with you a little list from Proedit I saw on Facebook earlier this week that documents some of the kookiest habits of your favorite writers that I’m pretty sure you didn’t know about. Did you know, for instance, that T. S. Eliot would tint his face green with powder so that he would look like he was dead? Or that Demosthenes would shave half his head so that he’d be too embarrassed to leave his house until he’d finished his writing?

It's safe to assume that Demosthenes probably looked like this.

It’s safe to assume that Demosthenes probably looked like this.

Here are some other highlights from the Proedit list. These are just highlights, though, so be sure to check out the entire list here.

  • Victor Hugo wrote both Les Misèrables and The Hunchback of Notre-Dame naked so that he wouldn’t be tempted to leave his house, and even had his valet hide his clothes.
  • Ernest Hemingway stood while he met his 500-word-per-day quota. His writing regiment was to be “done by noon and drunk by three.”
  • Truman Capote, George Orwell, Mark Twain, Edith Wharton, Winston Churchill, and Marcel Proust all preferred to write while lying in bed (and who can blame them? Writing in bed is the best!).
  • William Wordsworth would recite his poetry to his dog while taking strolls. If the dog barked or was upset as he read, he would rewrite the draft (which is why dogs>cats. Just saying.).
  • Friedrich Schiller had a drawer of rotten apples in his study. His wife claimed that he could not live or work without the awful aroma (…interesting…).
  • French novelist Colette always plucked fleas from her bulldog until she was ready to start writing (which just seems practical to me. I mean, would you want fleas bugging you while you were trying to work?).

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