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Retail Therapy: Book Finds of the Day (9-14-13)



It pains me to admit this, dear readers, but every once in a while I succumb to the consumeristic urge to spend a Saturday afternoon shopping. What can I say? Sometimes the call of the two-story Barnes and Noble is just too powerful to resist, even though I already have dozens of unread books waiting to be opened on my shelves. The way I see it, it’s better to buy books than shoes (though I may have bought shoes too…).

I am quite please with the results of today’s bookstore hunt, though I will admit, when I went in I wasn’t planning on getting either of these. My original plan had been to pick up Niccolo Ammaniti’s I’m Not Scared and The Buddha of Suburbia by Hanif Kureishi, because I’d seen them on the 1001 booklist and thought they’d be interesting reads after I finish A Dance With Dragons. Alas, it was not meant to be, as Barnes and Noble had neither of them in stock, which, unfortunately, is the case more often than not with my local store (while I always prefer bookstores to Amazon, at least Amazon has the books I want).

But I’m the type of girl who always has at least fifty books on my wishlist at any one point, so after my initial disappointment I quickly went down my list and found these two instead. I’ve been meaning to check out Isabel Allende for over a year now, ever since my classmates in my writing program wouldn’t stop raving about her. I’m not sure how she’d slipped under my radar for so long (I blame school and work readings burning me out so that I didn’t have the energy to read for pleasure in my free time), but I’m eager to rectify this sad situation.

The same goes for A Visit from the Goon Squad. This book has done outrageously well, winning the National Book Critics Circle Award in 2010 and a Pulitzer in 2011. Now, I don’t assume that a book is good just because it won an award, but winning two of the most acclaimed awards in the United States’ literary community is enough to catch my attention. Plus, according to Wikipedia the book was slated to be adapted into a television series by HBO only to have the project fizzle out earlier this year, and as you know, dear reader, I am always fascinated by book-to-film adaptation and what makes one book more appealing for adaptation than another. I did work in that field for nine months, after all, so I’m looking forward to reading this one both for pleasure and from a business perspective.


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