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Zimmy Sunday #6: Gone in 60 Zims


Happy Sunday dear readers! And what a happy Sunday it is! Yesterday was a decidedly bleak Saturday, filled with rain and wind and an inordinate amount of car crashes on our local roads. It was a dreary reminder that fall is here and that, in the words of the Starks, winter is coming. Today, however, is gorgeous. The sun is shining, it’s warm, and Zim is hiding pieces of our broken dishwasher in the garden (though I think he wishes it were raining; he loves playing in the rain). It feels like a shame to spend the day inside, particularly when yesterday was so miserable, so this week’s Zimmy Sunday will once again be short so that Zim and I (and you too, dear reader) can go enjoy this last weekend day before the Monday grind begins again. Couple of things to note: keep an eye out this week for my review of the A Song of Ice and Fire series thus far and my thoughts on its HBO adaptation. I will also be trying out a new writing schedule based off of some of the things I noticed in my research for the writers’ daily routines post, so I’ll keep you updated on if it works or not, dear reader. Happy Sunday!


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