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Epic Quote of the Day: Joss Whedon

Dear readers, I have no idea why it has taken me so long to post one of Joss Whedon’s many Epic Quotes, seeing as he is one of my all-time favorite human beings. I love his work as a screenwriter and director (who doesn’t like Buffy or Cabin in the Woods??), and Firefly has been my favorite show for close to a decade now, which is why I was so pleased to find this quote filtering around in cyberspace today (though I must say, I’m pretty sure no puppies were shot in that show. If there had been it definitely wouldn’t be my favorite…and if there were, I repressed it and have no desire to remember it, so don’t tell me!).

Anywho, here is a little bit of snark about happy endings to brighten up your Mondays from the man himself. Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Epic Quote of the Day: Joss Whedon

  1. Joss is also one of my favorite human beings. He may be heavy handed about his idea of right and wrong, but in the face of so many people that are the same way, but with very bad ideas about right and wrong, I think we need that. Also, I like that he is unafraid to kill of your favorite characters. What, only the people we don’t like are allowed to die?

    • I completely agree. No one is perfect, but he’s significantly less offensive in his imperfections than the average Hollywood screenwriter/director. And no…but it does hurt a lot less when it’s just the bad guys dying haha. Years have passed and I’m *still* reeling over Wash in Serenity.

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