Happy Halloween!

In honor of my favorite holiday, I’m going to take a quick break from my regular routine of only doing posts on writing and books to give you a fun Calvin and Hobbes Halloween strip. Because, after all, what better way is there to ring in the scariest night of the year than with Calvin’s Halloween costume? Happy Halloween dear readers!!


Favorite Terrifying and Creepy Characters in Literature

Best. Halloween costume. EVER.

Happy Halloween dear readers! On this, my favorite of all holidays, I would like to stop and take a moment to recognize the 6 (get it? Like 666? I’m so clever) characters in books who I think are just deliciously terrifying. Scary, creepy, and downright twisted, these six never fail to send shivers of fear down my spine…which, because I love horror, makes me very, *very* happy.

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Amazing Libraries From Around the World (Part Two)

Libraries are some of the absolute best places on the planet. They are centers of learning, knowledge, and cultural, and they even let you borrow books for free! What could be better than that? Not much! People everywhere love their libraries, and this has lead to the creation of some truly stunning libraries all around the world that everyone, bibliophile and non-bibliophile alike, should be sure to visit on their next vacation trip.

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Awesome Obsolete Word of the Day: Groak

As you know, dear readers, I think there are certain words in the English language that have fallen out of usage that need to be brought back. Much like the way disco is making a come back in popular music right now, awesome obsolete words should be making a come back as well. Today’s word, “groak,” is especially appropriate for all pet owners, seeing as we all experience every single time we sit down at the dinner table to eat…or go into the kitchen…or even look at the kitchen…

Groak obsolete word

Thoughts on Gone Girl

Last week, I read Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl as part of my NaNoWriMo prepwork. It was a book that I’d been meaning to read for months now at the recommendation of a couple different friends, but just hadn’t been able to get past the first few chapters. But a little birdy told me that there was a female psychopath in it, and since my novel has a female psychopath in it I figured I’d give it a second try. Well, I did…and I *really* wish I hadn’t. Yes, that’s right, dear readers, I am going against the grain of pop culture’s current obsession with this book and saying this: I thought it sucked.

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Best Closing Lines in Literature

Last week, I posted a list of some of the best opening lines in literature. In that post, I said that the first sentence in a novel is arguably the most important component to any work. While I still think that that is true, I also think that the final lines in novels are a *very* close second. How disappointing is it to open up a book and read the entire story only to come to the last page and see that the final line is lame? It’s a huge letdown, am I right? The last thing a writer wants to do is have disappointed readers, and that’s why good writers slave away over their closing lines just as much as they do their opening lines. The payoff for their efforts, however, can sometimes be absolutely astounding, which’s why I’ve put together a list of some the best closing lines in literature to inspire you to do the same with your stories, dear readers.

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