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Friday Funday: Drunk Literature

Drunk Literature's motto. How can you not love a series that has a Mark Twain quote as its motto?

Drunk Literature’s motto. How can you not love a series that has a Mark Twain quote as its motto?

Happy Friday dear readers! As always, I’ve gone out and found something fun and cheeky on the Internet to help you pass the last few hours before the weekend, because I firmly believe that humor and laughter help keep you healthy. So, this week for Friday Funday, I have tracked down an awesome web series called Drunk Literature.

A play-off of Comedy Central’s show Drunk History (which itself was originally a web series on Funny or Die), the Youtube series was started this past month and currently features three episodes: one on the Sookie Stackhouse series, one on The Catcher in the Rye, and one on Hamlet. All of the episodes are short and are very entertaining, so definitely check them all out, and watch out for more to come out in the upcoming weeks.

As you can see I’ve included the Hamlet episode at the end of this post, because it’s my favorite thus far. Be warned, dear reader: it does contain a fair amount of profanity, so if that is not your cup of tea do not press Play. Otherwise, proceed and be entertained! Have a fabulous weekend, dear readers!


3 thoughts on “Friday Funday: Drunk Literature

  1. The professor is sure that there is Punchyish behavior going on – beware! He feels you should work on getting Punchyish right away it’s… well it’s….. ah… oh, dadblameit it’s Punchyish!

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