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Fashion for Book Nerds: Kate Spade’s Library-Themed Accessories

I'll admit, as cute as these T-shirts are, they do get a bit boring after a while

We’ve got the cute T-shirts, now we need the cute accessories!

I’ll admit, dear readers, that I do occasionally (shocker, I know) like to shop around for things other than books, namely accessories. Books may be my primary Achilles heel when it comes to my never ending quest to keep money in my wallet, but accessories are my secondary. Rarely do these two loves of mine cross paths, however, because the high end fashion world seems to be under the understanding that books aren’t stylish (which is just plain silly, if you ask me). Well, Kate Spade decided to do away with that stereotype and is releasing a line of library-themed accessories for all of us book nerds.

The library line includes bags featuring Dewey Decimal cards with recognizable names from English literature like Austin-Bronte, and Kerouac-Lewis, as well as two new book clutches made to look like copies of Age of Innocence and Portrait of a Lady. Other accessories in the new line include a dictionary iPhone 5 wallet or iPad case, a library card iPhone case, a pencil case iPhone case, a “wise owl” bag and clutch duo, and others. Here are some of the products offered, and be sure to visit Kate Spade’s website for more details and more products in this season’s library line.


Required Reading Bon Shopper


The Portrait of a Lady book clutch


By the Book Pendant


Library Illustration Scarf


The Age of Innocence book clutch


Required Reading Georgie 


Dictionary iPhone 5 Wallet


Required Reading Index Organizer 


Library Card Resin iPhone 5 Case


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