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Miscellaneous Monday Morning: Chuck Palahniuk’s AMA


Happy Monday dear readers! As always, I try to provide you with a brief reprieve from the grind that is Monday morning, because there’s no better way to start a week than with an easy Monday. As many of you have likely already figured out from the number of memes and gifs I include in my posts, I am a bit of a Redditor. Since I usually go on Reddit on Mondays when I need a quick break from whatever project I happen to be working on (and by quick, I mean 1-2 hours; Reddit, as you know, is a black hole of procrastination), it seems only appropriate that I’d use a Reddit post for this week’s Miscellaneous Monday Morning.

One of the online community’s most popular subreddits is the IAmA subreddit. IAmA, which stands for “I am a,” is a forum where people from all walks of life put up AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) posts and Redditors can ask that person different questions. AMAs have been increasingly popular over the years, and all sorts of famous people (and yes, they do offer proof that they really are who they say they are and not trolls) in a myriad of different fields have done them. Notable AMAs posters include Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Every once in a while, a writer shows up to do an AMA, which is what happened a week and a half ago when Chuck Palahniuk logged in to promote his new book Doomed by doing his own AMA. The immensely popular author best known for his novels Fight Club and Choke answers all sorts of user questions, a few of which I took screenshots of and posted below in order to pique your interest.

Be sure to check out the entire comment thread for the AMA here, as it is quite entertaining, and have a happy Monday!




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