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100th Post: The Liebster Award

Well, dear readers, this is officially my 100th blog post. I didn’t even realize I’d done that many! Time sure flies, doesn’t it. In honor of hitting this milestone, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and write about another big milestone that has happened: Wise Woman in Training nominated me for a Liebster Award! Woo! Best Tuesday ever!

A pink award with a German name? You had me at pink.

Alright, I’ll admit it: I had no idea what the Liebster Award was this time yesterday. I still kind of don’t, if I’m being perfectly honest, but here’s what I’ve been able to find out. According to Wise Woman in Training’s post nominating me and a few Google searches of my own, the Liebster Award, which translates to “dearest” in English, is for smaller blogs that other bloggers think are just darn tootin’ swell (aww, shucks, thanks you guys).

Blogs are nominated for the award via other bloggers in the hope that the award will draw more attention to said blog and get it more views. If a blogger accepts the Liebster award, she answers a number of questions asked by the nominating blogger, and then nominates other blogs for the award in the same way. So, in other words, it’s like a feel-good chain letter (I’m sure I’m dating myself by using the phrase chain letter, but oh well) in the blogosphere.

I’ve seen varying numbers of how many blogs I’m supposed to nominate for it, as well as conflicting numbers on how small the blog is supposed to be (some say 3000 readers/subscribers or less, and some say 200 or less). So I figure I’ll play it safe and just throw out a handful of smaller blogs in no particular order that I’ve been following and enjoying the last two and a half months since I first joined WordPress, because I’m a rebel with a cause! A feel-good cause, that is.

My questions for my nominees (and any other readers who want to answer them):

  1. What inspired you to start writing/blogging?
  2. If you could shrink any animal–real or mythical–so that it was pocket sized, what animal would you shrink and keep as a pet?
  3. Name three guilty pleasure books and/or movies that you’re sorry you’re not sorry you like (say that three times fast).
  4. If you could change your name to anything, what would you change it to?
  5. What inspires you creatively, i.e., what gets your creative juices pumping again when you’re in a bit of a slump?
  6. If you knew you only had one hour before the zombie apocalypse, what would you do?
  7. Name the weirdest/funniest/coolest/most memorable/etc. dream you’ve had.
  8. What advice would you give your six-year-old self?
  9. What are the five things that make you the happiest?
  10. Star Wars or Star Trek?

Alright, I’ve put this off for as long as I could. Here are my answers to Wise Woman in Training’s nomination questions.

What is the best piece of life advice you could give to someone?

Oh man, only one piece of advice? I’m far too indecisive for that; besides, why only have one piece of life advice when you can have two?

    •  See the positive in things instead of dwelling on the negative. 

Life’s short. Don’t spend all your time focusing on the bad stuff. There’s always a          silver lining, and, on the off chance there isn’t, make one yourself. You’ll feel better, be better company to those around you, and live longer. A definite win-win-win situation in my book!

    • Be happy with who you are as a person

They haven’t come up with personality transplants yet, so you’re kind of stuck with yourself. And seeing as you’re the only person you can count on to be there for yourself 100% of the time, you should probably like–and trust–yourself.

What do you want right now?

Superficially? A box of Sprinkles red velvet cupcakes (yummm).

Actually? To be able to finally finish my first novel, and to be genuinely proud of the finished product.

Favourite place?

My bed. It’s so toasty and cozy, especially now that it’s getting cold because the heater is right underneath it and blows warm air into the sheets, which is absolutely divine. Plus, I oftentimes do my best writing in bed (desks are overrated, though the back support offered by a chair is definitely not). Honestly, if I could spend an entire day in bed without being judged super hard by all my family and friends, I would.

If you could have anything in the entire world, no matter cost or improbability, what would it be?

I want my work to be read for centuries and millennia to come, a la Shakespeare and Homer. I am utterly terrified of death, and to me, having my work be read long after I’ve died would be as close to achieving immortality as it gets.

Favourite joke?

People are able to pick out one single favorite joke? Teach me your ways!

Alright, here’s a funny exchange I heard yesterday morning on a Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me podcast while out walking Zim (yes, I listen to NPR programs. I’m a cool cat). The context was that a recent study found that mens’ voices get higher in pitch when talking to women they find attractive:

“Guys should always–I’ve said this before on this program–you should always follow the Barry White school of macking with the ladies. Keep it deep, cause any time you get your voice pitchy, that ain’t hot.”

“I think most men’s problems talking to women are more content related.”

And, because I guess that isn’t technically a joke, here’s a regular, traditional joke with a punch line and everything by Bo Burnham: “Was Einstein’s theory good? Relative.”

Worst thing a person could do to you?

Betray my trust. I’m not a big fan of that, though I don’t suppose many people are.

Best recipe you can cook?

Full disclosure: I am a terrible, terrible cook, and the few times I have to fend for myself when it comes to making dinner I usually just go to Chipotle or order takeout. But on the rare occasion I do have to cook dinner, I make a mean plate of French Toast out of two-inch thick slices of French bread and lots of cinnamon. Oh, and of course bacon. No Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner) is complete without tasty, tasty bacon. Yumm…aw man, now I’m hungry.

What does the world need more of?

Kindness. And pictures of adorable puppies on the Internet. But mostly kindness.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging so that I could get back to writing every day again. I’d gotten a little lazy (read: very lazy) about doing that after finishing up graduate school, and I was having a hard time getting back in that habit with my creative work. I’d also worked for a blog as an undergrad and got enormous satisfaction doing that work, so I wanted to get some of that satisfaction again since I wasn’t getting a whole lot of it out of my creative work due to my post-graduate writer’s block.

Which of your posts are you most proud of?

Well, I’m proud of all my posts, even the silly short ones about writing-related comic strips. I guess the ones I’m proudest of are my explanation for why I’m doing NaNoWriMo this year and my amazing bookstores and libraries from around the world posts. I’m proud of the NaNoWriMo one because I think I was pretty honest and open about a lot of personal struggles I’ve been having with my writing recently, and while I’m a chatterbox, I don’t usually open up in a real way about things like that. And then I just have so much fun doing the bookstores and libraries posts, even though they quite literally take five times longer to do than all my other posts (I’m not exaggerating, either. I ran the numbers. Five times longer). I can’t help but feel like I’ve done a good solid day’s work once I finish up those posts.

Oh, and the everyone’s favorite literary dogs post. That one was too much fun to do research for.


7 thoughts on “100th Post: The Liebster Award

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  2. Hi Alex, I dropped by to thank you so much for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I had never heard of it before visiting a blog just before seeing that you had nominated me. Thank you, also, for your kind words that you really like my blog. I enjoy your blog as well, and love your post on your Liebster Award nomination, and I must say, you must have put a lot of thought into the questions you put together for those whom you nominated. It will take quite a bit of thought on my part to answer them, but I look forward to doing so. Thank you again, and keep writing. 🙂

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