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Friday Funday: Great Novels Remade by Cats

Happy Friday dear readers! I hope your last work day before the weekend is going as smoothly as possible.

A few years back, Buzzfeed put together a list of some of the best Photoshopped book covers of all time, altering classic novels as if they had been written with cats in mind. These fictional works of kitty fiction (how meta) feature adjusted titles and book covers, and the writers over at Buzzfeed even included brief synopses. All of them are great, so be sure to check out the entire list here, but in the mean time, here are some of the highlights. Enjoy!

Crossing between London and Paris, this Dickensian story of disparate lives of alley cats versus aristocats paints a stark portrait of feline famine in prerevolutionary France and the inequities inherent between tabby cats and pure breeds.

Catsby, being a cat, doesn’t really care all that much about neighboring cat, Daisy. He really keeps staring at the lighthouse because he thinks it’s a laser and he wants to try and catch it. And he wouldn’t be caught dead near any pool: you DO know that thing is FILLED with water, right??

After being framed for peeing on the bedroom carpet by the dog and exiled into the super-cold-tile-floor laundry room by cruel Dad, the Cat of Monte Cristo embarks on an elaborate plot of revenge, revealing Dad’s online pornography habit and the dog’s sordid defacement of family heirlooms all during a family reunion.

An epically long tale about kitty love triangles, kitty father-son-brother relationships, kitty religious skepticism, kitty descents into madness, kitty murder and catnip-drenched orgies.


One thought on “Friday Funday: Great Novels Remade by Cats

  1. Reblogged this on johnrsermon and commented:

    Thought I’d reblog this as:

    1. Its pretty awesome.
    2. It reminds me of a game I play every so often at work. The game involves replacing one word out of a film title with the word cat.

    For example, iron cat, the cat, the bad and ugly, cat on the hot tin cat and so on.


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