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Zimmy Sunday #13: A Streetcar Named Zim


Happy Sunday dear readers! Well, it is officially Day 10 of NaNoWriMo…and I have under 10k words as of this post. Boo city! I am *very* behind on my word count due to being sickly earlier in the week and a very irritating writing slump that made me question why I was writing this story (still am questioning it, if I’m being perfectly honest). The entire situation is more than a little bit frustrating and discouraging. I am a very stubborn person, however, and refuse to give up so early in the game, so Zim and I are spending today trying to frantically catch up, with the goal of hitting 25k+ words by Friday. It most likely won’t happen, but I sure am going to try, and whatever words I don’t hit by Friday I’ll make up during the weekend. So, enjoy your Sunday, dear readers, and wish me luck! I sure need it.


One thought on “Zimmy Sunday #13: A Streetcar Named Zim

  1. Good luck! I’m at about 10,000 too. I wrote tons yesterday and will hopefully be caught back up by in the morning. I just keep telling myself that when I do finally get caught up, it’ll become easier again. I hope I find that to be true.

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