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Feel Good Post of the Day: BatKid Saving Gotham City (San Francisco)

I know I don’t normally do this, dear readers, but I just wanted to take a quick break from my usual content to take a moment to showcase something truly wonderful that’s going on in my area right now. Today San Francisco has been turned into Gotham City so that 5-year-old Miles, a leukemia patient whose cancer is currently in remission, can spend the day as Batkid fighting crime.

The entire thing was put together by the Make-A-Wish Foundation along with the city of San Francisco and over 11,000 thousand volunteers who’re currently cheering him on as he saves Gotham from The Riddler and Penguin. If you ever needed to have your faith in humanity restored, today is the day for that! Events are still going on, but here are some of the pictures trending on Twitter to give you an idea of just how great this is and hopefully bring a tear or two to your eye. It certainly did for me.

Batkid getting ready for his big day!

A special edition of the SF Chronicle that ran today; note that the articles are written by Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White, and Brenda Starr

The crowd coming out to see Batkid save their city

Batman and Batkid with one of the Batmobiles, ready to save Gotham!

The two Batmobiles, one for Batman, the other for Batkid (not too shabby, I must say!)

Batkid saves a damsel in distress from The Riddler’s diabolical plot to run her over with a cable car


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