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Friday Funday: All the Writer Memes!

We made it to another Friday dear readers! Congratulations! It has been a busy writing week for me because I am leaving early tomorrow morning for sunny Los Angeles for the weekend! Woo! I’m so excited! But there’s no rest for the wicked (wicked cool writers, that is), so I’ve been trying to write double time to make up for the three days I’ll be losing while visiting friends down south. That doesn’t mean I can’t take a quick break to celebrate the fact that it’s Friday, though, so in honor of the weekend here are a few more fun writer memes that are eerily apt descriptions of what this past week has been like for me. Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend dear readers!


4 thoughts on “Friday Funday: All the Writer Memes!

    • You don’t always want a dog? :O Teach me your ways, because I want to adopt all the dogs 24/7 (even though I already have one), and it’s really not a practical mindset to be in haha

    • Me too 😀 The way I see it, we’re fine so long as we keep questioning our mental states. It’s when we stop doing that that we need to be worried 😛

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