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Pearls Before Swine: When the Moose Strikes

I’m finding it a bit hard to motivate myself to work on my first day back from L.A., dear readers. Does anyone else have trouble getting back in the groove after vacation, and if so, does anyone have any recommendations on how to fix it that don’t involve getting punched in the face by a moose? Because I have a sneaking suspicion that that won’t help me all that much…



2 thoughts on “Pearls Before Swine: When the Moose Strikes

  1. Alex — best of year book lists are starting to appear, e.g., Washington Post: http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/books/notable-fiction-of-2013/2013/11/21/e9a81232-35b4-11e3-8a0e-4e2cf80831fc_story.html?wpisrc=nl_most Max

    PS just finished a 2013 French novel titled “Alex,” by Pierre Lemaitre…. features (how coincidental) a young woman named Alex. Would only recommend it if you like strange twisting crime novels … and can stand descriptions of torture, blood and gore. Well written but more than a bit creepy, especially the hungry rats part ….


  2. Forcing yourself to feel motivated is damned hard. I guess that in lieu of actual “feeling like it” there is just discipline which gets us to work regardless of how we feel.
    But (back to getting to “feeling like it”) then meditating on what you really love about writing may add fuel to the fire.

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