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Zimmy Sunday #17: Being John Zimovich


Happy Sunday dear readers! I hope your weekends thus far have been relaxing and that you’re keeping warm, especially if you’re in the Bay Area. Seriously, how is it this cold here?? As you can see, I’m relying on puppy cuddles to keep me warm this days, which are proving to be very effective indeed (though as you can see, Zimmy is a teensy bit grumpy and unamused by me squishing him so much).

Writing has been a bit slow this week, unfortunately, so there isn’t much to report there. Most of this week has been spent trying to do chapter outlining and figuring out how to simplify an increasingly convoluted plot, which has been more than a little bit frustrating. I’m hoping to work through the worst of it this week, though, so fingers crossed I can stop repeatedly banging my head into my desk sooner rather than later…or at the very least, move on to a different problem with the novel, of which there are ever so many to choose from. Ugh.

But that will be Monday Alex’s problem; until then, I’m spending today curled up with the Zimster watching football, because it is too cold right now to do anything else (and because I’m feeling lazy). Have a fabulous rest of your weekend, dear readers!


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