Helpful (and Fun!) Writing Exercises and Prompts

If you’re like me, dear readers, then there are some days where you need a bit of prodding to get you into the writing mindset (and by some days, I mean every day). When this happens, I find that the best way to get back to writing my master piece a la Mr. Stallone up above is to do some writing exercises to get those creative juices flowing again. Since I know that a number of you will be participating in NaNoWriMo next month, I figured I’d share with you, dear readers, some of the exercises and prompts that have worked best for me or I’ve particularly enjoyed over the years.

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Freaky Friday


It’s Freaky Friday time! I am a huge fan of horror in all walks of life, be it literature, film, or those haunted mazes that they have during Halloween time (which, predictably, is my favorite holiday). The spooky, the macabre, the downright terrifying, I love it all, so once a week I will share something that warrants being lumped into the Freaky Friday category.

Up to bat this Friday is a short little piece I scribbled down earlier in the week. I’m still playing around with it, and am hoping to expand it into something longer with more substance, but here it is in its current draft after the break. Let me know what you think! Continue reading