Miscellaneous Monday Morning: Books Vs. Films Infographic


Happy Monday dear readers! I hope your first day back to the grindstone is going as smoothly as possible, and for my American readers, that you have some tasty, tasty leftover turkey sandwiches waiting for you come lunchtime. This week’s brief reprieve from the workday drag is a fun little infographic comparing the critics’ ratings for books and their film adaptations that popped up on Shortlist last week.

The infographic was put together by the people over at LoveReading.co.uk in an attempt to answer the age old question of which is better more often than not: book or movie? I didn’t know we were still debating that (almost always book; duh), but either way, it’s fun to compare and contrast the different versions’ ratings, especially for those that you’ve read and/or seen. So take a look, dear readers, and let me know if you agree or disagree with these findings, and what books and films are missing that you wish would’ve been included.